Black Diamond Skin Serum Review – More Like A Gold Rush

Black Diamond Skin Serum almost created mass hysteria in the UK earlier in 2013 when it first launched. We review the product to see why it resulted in such a huge waiting list.


Black Diamond Skin SerumBlack Diamond is manufactured by the London based Company, BeautyLab, which specializes in pioneering, researching and identifying effective ingredients to provide today’s consumers with lifestyle and innovative beauty products.

The UK based company claims to have a team with over 4 decades of experience in successful formulation and promotion of beauty productions across the UK, and globally.

Apart from performing research in London, it is also done by other global partners.

Towards providing the best beauty products for modern day users, BeautyLab claims to be committed to delivering products based on science and cutting edge technology.

The company also says its formulations are founded on actives, oils, and natural extracts, as well as high performance proteins and peptides. They do not use petroleum, lanolin or Paraben, and their formulations are not animal tested. For performance and safety, formulations are systematically tested on the Company’s volunteer panel.

Black Diamond Skin Serum Review

When diamonds are mentioned, luxury, uniqueness and extravagance come to mind. The black diamond might have missed the attention of many in the world, but not BeautyLab who have noticed the uniqueness of this exotic luxury.

These quotes from sum up what started the rush for this product:

Dr. Sam Bunting, a London-based cosmetic dermatologist, explained that diamonds, precious metals and gemstones create an optical blur.

“They diffuse the light and create a soft-focus effect, which potentially hides fine lines and wrinkles. But that’s a cosmetic effect, it’s not a permanent thing,” she said.

Gemstones in beauty products are “a bit of a Hollywood secret,” said Rachel Scaperotta, a beautician at the Beverly Wilshire hotel spa. “It’s a pretty instant effect,” she said. “That’s why celebs like it.”

Apart from being intense in terms of color, these diamonds are fascinating and rare, exhibiting excellent surface luster, gemstone therapy, conditioning and conductivity, adding lots of worth to the product. The London-based Company has found a way of harnessing these diamonds into a skin serum. Once applied, particles in the diamond control light, through conversion of invisible ultra-violet light into photoluminescence (blue light) as well as scattering selectively favourable green and blue light.

These diamond particles effectively settle on wrinkles and smoothly give a blue glow illumination decreasing wrinkles appearance, making the skin to appear youthful with discolorations, pigmentations, wrinkles and shadows to lessen.

How it works:

Through the Black Diamond Skin Serum, the skin is left positively sparkling, brighter and smoother, and very youthful. Since it is created through the use of particles derived from black diamonds from the heart of Brazil and Africa, the Serum is made to target the base of the epidermis on the skin. The product then claims that collagen supply is boosted, which is an elastic substance inside the skin that diminishes as one gets older, and tackling the wrinkles directly as a result, letting women look their very best every day.

Black Diamond Skin Serum is also said to manipulate light after absorbing it and aiding in leveling out the tone of the skin while improving complexion. Salt and sea algae provide the serum with crucial anti-aging elements. Since the black diamonds efficiently convert the usual UV rays that the eye is blind to into photoluminescence or blue light, they emit a delicate blue glow once it has been scattered across the skin’s surface.

The result is a youthful look due to the reduction of discoloration, pigmentation, wrinkles and shadows. BeautyLab research team says they have discovered that all the skincare items with excellent diamond powder end up exfoliating rather gently, the top part of the skin, giving such ingredients as botanical, moisturizers, vitamins and others that defy age, the chance to penetrate more effectively and much deeper into the human skin.

How The Serum Helps In Anti Aging

The Diamond Serum claims to help battle aging signs through an enriched, advanced peptide formula. Through the utilization of peptides, vitamins, and exclusive minerals, as well as organic diamond powder, the serum not only enriches the skin, it also helps reconstruct lost cells due to the aging process. The concentration of hydrating agents, essential oils, emollients and plant extracts, results in glowing, radiant skin.

According to customer reviews, it works very fast. In a few weeks, most of those using the product saw a great change in the way they looked, with smoother and glowing skin, effectively boosting their confidence. The formula is a natural skin invigorator that allows you to enjoy the sun without worrying about skin damage.

In short, Black Diamond Skin Serum:

  • Reduces contraction of facial muscles in just two hours
  • Increases the health of stem cells on the skin in just 28 days by 92 percent
  • Lessens deep wrinkles surface area by a whopping 68 percent on average
  • Advanced peptide formula in the Serum efficiently battles signs of aging
  • it’s cheaper than most cosmetic procedures like botox and surgery

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. In the case of this much sought after skin serum, the launch resulted in something of a gold rush, followed by a huge waiting list.

The risk free trial period is 14 days. Full details available on the official, secure website. PLEASE NOTE: If offer is no longer available you will be directed to a similar offer.